You can read it in our mission statement, Agribusiness Henderson County is here to foster the growth of the agriculture industry in Henderson County. We do that by staying involved and informed on the latest policies, providing input where it is necessary in regards to regulatory issues, keeping the public informed and educated on agribusiness, identifying and obtaining agribusiness grants and recruiting younger farmers to Henderson County. 

Target Groups

Our target groups are not limited to strictly farmers however, we are interested in the entire agricultural process including packing, processing, storage and distribution facilities. Another important aspect of the process includes ag service and supply providers, farm equipment and vehicle dealers and professional and financial institutions. Focusing on all of these components gives us a fully comprehensive view of what agriculture really means. But of course we are still interested in the growers, whether your farm is a corporate sized farm, or smaller family farm, we get to know you. 

Readily Available Markets

We help to identify specific markets for our growers including partnering with chain stores, restaurants, brokers and schools as well as processing facilties to make the likes of sauce, jelly, jams, juice and even cider and wines. Another avenue is direct markets such as on-farm sales, farmers' markets for a more public display of your products and capitalizing on Western North Carolina's AgriTourism market that focuses on the pick-your-own experience at orchards and farms, tastings at vineyards as well as events such as the Apple Festival and Garden Jubilee that take place in Downtown Hendersonville. 

Growth Opportunities

Due to its placement on the Eastern Continental Divide, Henderson County has a unique climate that presents many different farming opportunities. There is room for much more growth in the agricultural marketplace. Not only is there room for the farming of already successful crops such as apples, berries, tomatoes and grapes for wine and cider making, there is also a plethora of opportunities and need in terms of processing, packaging and storing these products once they are grown. Greenhouses allow for a contained and controlled environment for growers free from the natural elements, opening up the ability to grow fruits, vegetables and ornamentals that might not naturally survive the Western North Carolina seasons. Hydro Coolers can be used for crops such as sweet corn and brocolli to improve the quality and marketing ability. All of these opportunities and more await in the mountains of Western North Carolina so be sure to check out our 'sites' tab to learn more about available land.